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First Taste

yakitori japanese style chicken kabob brushed with teriyaki glaze

gyoza japanese pan-fried chicken dumpling

satay grilled marinated chicken served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish

bulgoki korean style BBQ beef served with kim chi

calamari sauteed with garlic pepper sauce

edamame lightly salted boiled soybeans, served chilled

crispy egg rolls vegetarian style

saffron toast seasoned ground chicken on french bread, crispy fried with sweet pepper sauce

miso soup with tofu and scallions

tom yum chicken, shrimp or vegetable in a spicy thai hot and sour broth with fresh herbs

tom kha chicken, shrimp or vegetable in a coconut cream soup with lime and lemongrass

Fresh Greens

saffron salad of fresh mixed greens with miso vinaigrette

som tom spicy carrot salad with honey-citrus dressing and a touch of peanuts

seafood salad on mixed greens with miso dressing

grilled chicken on mixed greens with sweet pepper-lime dressing and toasted peanuts

grilled salmon on mixed greens with miso dressing

nam sod ground chicken, chili, lime, peanuts and spices served on a bed of lettuce

octopus salad with mixed seagreens and rice wine vinaigrette

marinated seagreen salad with toasted sesame seeds

Signature Entrees

steak teriyaki charbroiled NY strip steak served with teriyaki glaze and vegetables

roast duck with garlic-ginger-bean sauce and vegetables

massaman traditional spicy thai beef stew with fresh avocado and toasted cashews

grilled chicken breast lightly marinated served with vegetables

wok seared sea scallops with warm shitake-ginger sauce and seasonal vegetables

sauteed shrimp in roasted chili pepper sauce with seasonal vegetables

tempura shrimp lightly battered and crispy fried shrimp and vegetables

yellow curry choice of chicken or beef with potatoes and onions served with cucumber salad

pork chops grilled or crispy fried and served with vegetables

poached salmon served with stir-fry vegetables and a ginger-garlic sauce

mixed seafood with lobster sauce shrimp, calamari, mussels, scallops, celery and onions in a light curry-lobster sauce

kang quah choice of shrimp or roast duck in an exotic thai red cream curry with pineapple,tomatoes, sweet pepper and basil

All signature entrees are served with steamed rice and seasonal salad.

Brown rice is available for an additional dollar. Most selections may be prepared vegetarian.

saffron LUNCH MENU

11:30 am-4:00 pm These items are available after 4:00 pm for an additional two dollars.

Hot options

oyako donburi sauteed chicken, eggs, scallions and onions on a bed of rice

burmese noodles choice of beef or chicken and vegetables in a spicy coconut cream curry

tempura donburi shrimp and vegetable tempura on a bed of rice

steamed soft tofu with stir-fried ground chicken in a ginger-black bean sauce

country style curry with vegetables and choice of chicken or beef

panang your choice of beef or chicken in a red cream curry with toasted peanuts

saffron soup shrimp, chicken, and egg noodle in a mild clear broth

dumpling soup seasoned ground chicken and shrimp dumplings in a clear broth

tempura udon shrimp tempura and shitake mushroom in a clear broth

liver and onions sliced baby beef liver with seasoned sweet peppers and onions

wok creations

All wok creations are served with choice of chicken, beef, tofu, mock duck or vegetables shrimp, or calamari available for an additional two dollars

gra prow crispy green beans, onions, sweet peppers in a garlic-chili-basil sauce

spicy basil linguini with vegetables and chili-garlic sauce

preow wan thai sweet & sour stir-fried vegetables with pineapple in a subtle tomato sauce

vegetable seasonal vegetable stir-fry

eggplant with onions, sweet peppers, basil and garlic-black bean sauce

pineapple fried rice with cashews and raisins

yaki udon noodles pan fried with cabbage, carrots, onions, and baby spinach

chef's fried rice with egg and onions

cashew saut?ed with onions, carrots and roasted pepper sauce

pad thai traditional thin rice noodles with bean sprouts, eggs, scallions and toasted peanuts

sweet basil with fresh mushrooms, peppers, and chili-garlic sauce